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Château de Melin Estate

Since the French Revolution, there have been seven generations of winegrowers devoted to the land and to wine. The origins of the wine estate lie in the Maranges valley.

Jean-Claude and Marie-Claire Derats, Arnaud's parents, played an important role in the history of the estate. In 1968, after the death of her father, Marie-Claire took over the running of the estate with her husband Jean-Claude.

Driven by a shared passion, they set about acquiring numerous small plots of land in the Côte de Beaune and Côtes de Nuits, expanding the estate to 15 hectares. When Arnaud took over the family estate in 2000, he also continued to expand, and today the estate covers 28 hectares.

In 2009, after several years of integrated farming, we decided to convert the estate to organic farming.

The history of the Château took on a new dimension with the arrival of the younger generation. In 2017, their youngest son Thomas decided to join the family adventure by getting involved in the wine estate. His passion brought a new energy, strengthening the family tradition.

Then in 2023, another turning point came when Guillaume, the eldest in the family, decided to return to the estate after a career change. Like his father, an engineer who chose to change his life for love of the vines in 1999, Guillaume brought his own vision to the family estate, further enriching the family heritage.

Together they carry on the legacy of a long family history, combining tradition and innovation to produce exceptional wines.

As the eighth generation of winegrowers, their shared commitment bears witness to their deep love for this terroir and its wines.

Wine tasting

Discover the exquisite flavours of the terroir at Château de Melin, where wine-making tradition meets hotel elegance. We invite you to join our exclusive tasting, where each glass reveals the enchanting secrets of our prestigious vineyards. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable sensory experience and let yourself be intoxicated by the magic of exceptional wines in an enchanting setting. Reserve your place now for a tasty escapade in the heart of Burgundy.

The wine estate

The Château de Melin estate currently has 26 hectares of vines and produces 21 appellations: 20 in the Côtes de Beaune and 2 in the Côtes de Nuits.

Organic farming

In 2009, we decided to convert the estate to organic farming. For us, this transition represents much more than a simple method of cultivation; it's a commitment to nature, the environment and the quality of our wines. Our organic viticulture is characterised by a deep respect for the land and its ecosystems. This means cultivating our vineyards in an environmentally-friendly way, without using pesticides, herbicides or chemical plant protection products, in favour of natural, sustainable methods. To protect our vines from disease, we use only sulphur and copper: natural, non-toxic substances in the smallest possible quantities.

This meticulous choice enables us to obtain grapes of the highest quality, expressing the Burgundy terroir to the full. We are therefore a certified organic wine producer.

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